Shakespeare programming language

Having once seen the Shakespeare programming language, I decided to write something on it one day.
This day has finally come. Here is my code for a program which prints some text in standard output.
If you want that look in your Notepad++, you can download the XML User-Defined Language file I created.

To compile the program you can either run ./spl on UNIX systems or spl.bat on Windows.
The compiler (translator, to be precise) can be found here.

If you want to see what this program does, check its C++ translated code and the screenshots.

Title: A different tale of the life of lovers. Romeo, A handsome intelligent young man in his twenties. Juliet, A love of Romeo. Iago, A dishonorable young man that despises Romeo. Act I: The Secret Meeting. Scene I: Small Street Near Juliet House. [Enter Romeo and Juliet] Romeo: My love, come here! Oh, thou art so close! You are as charming as a lovely pretty rose. Juliet: Thou art as perfect as the square of thou whole. You are a product of thyself and me. A crystal soul! Romeo: You are as wonderful as sum of me and twice thyself. Oh my! Juliet: You are as charming as a sum of me and angel. Speak thy mind! Romeo: You are as fine as twice amazing lovely wonderful warm heavens! Please speak your mind! My Juliet, the dove in world of ravens. [Exit Juliet and Romeo] Scene II: Main Street. [Enter Romeo and Iago] Iago: Who is this man I see? Alas! That's you! You are as miserable as difference of two; The old disgraceful evil death and the black toad. Thou art a product of yourself and stinking goat. Or shall I speak with lies like thou prefer to thee? You are a sum of product of thyself and tiny little tree And You! Romeo, speak your mind! What gabble will thou say? I shall not hear a word of it on any given day! Romeo: Your vicious words prove me that what I know. You are as vile as a sum of snake and thou. Open your heart! And wait till it gets pierc'd With noble blade of mine that's just as fierce. Iago: You are as dead as Juliet! Now do not speak thy mind! Romeo: You shan't be worried as you do not have heart to find. [Exit Romeo and Iago] Act II: Iago Takes Action. Scene I: Juliet Room. [Enter Juliet] Juliet: Why have the heavens been so cruel to both of us, my love? I simply want to be with you, tis more than just enough. All day and night the thoughts of you are always in my head. O Romeo, my Romeo, I wish we both were dead. [Enter Iago] Juliet: Oh, who are you and what have you come here looking for? I shall not speak to you since thou are not my Romeo. Begone, you devil, leave this place at once, Against brave Romeo, you coward, stand no chance! Iago: You are as dead as difference of me in ache And deadly horrid poisonous snake. You are as weak as square of thyself! Do speak your mind! Or shall I kill yourself? Juliet: You are as small as difference of Romeo and me. You are as foul as product of a leech and thee. Thou are as damned as sum of thyself evil kind And twice square root of me. Don't speak thy mind. Iago: You are as dirty as the sum of sorry rotten hate And thou yourself! Quick, speak your mind. Too late! I shall kill you right here in this room of yours, And leave through windows, having locked all doors. *Iago takes the blade out and kills Juliet* [Exit Iago] [Enter Romeo] Romeo: I see you left the windows open to invite me in! 'Tis night, I came to you, my love. To you I came, my sin. Oh how I want to see your sweetest charming look, And kiss you one more time, as you say, "By th' book". *Romeo sees Juliet* Romeo: My Juliet! My love! Now I defy you, stars! I lived in hopes of being with her, my heart is now in scars. I shall start searching for the one that left you here dead. I will revenge you, dear love, my dear Juliet. [Exeunt] Act III: The Duel. Scene I: Main Street. [Enter Romeo and Iago] Romeo: Iago, I remember thou have told me once That I shall die like Juliet! Did you, by any chance, Kill one I loved so dearly? Speak truth! And if you did, you shall expect no ruth! Iago: Indeed, Romeo, that was all on me. Your Juliet is dead. Now on to thee! You are as dead as sum of thyself and a blade. Do speak your mind. Or art thou too afraid? Romeo: I fear you not, tis you who should be scared. Thy mind is poisoned, you can't be repaired. I shall be one who sets thy body free. Thou art now paying with thy life to me. *Romeo stabs Iago in a duel* Do you have any words to say, you slime? I shall give you last chance to speak thy mind. Iago: I die in pain, but you have nothing left. Your hurt shall be much worse than what I have. What will you live for? Speak your mind. This world has now no Juliet to find. *Iago dies* Romeo: This rotten coward could not even fight. To hell with him. But one thing he was right. I have no love to live for anymore. My Juliet! I shall again be yours! *Romeo kills himself* [Exeunt]